X Partisan: October/November 2016

Bring the ideological walls down, and let’s talk to each other on college campuses.  X Partisan is a cross-partisan blog based on the Davis campus of the University of California.  In response to the breakdown of free speech on campuses, the project showcases work by students coming from very different political perspectives of Jeffrey Weiner’s seminar, “Writing About Election Politics in 2016.”

X Partisan is independent of the University and is not sponsored by the U.C. system in any way.  It aims to provide a platform where people of many ideological stripes inside the U.C. and on campuses worldwide can read each other’s perspectives.  We will also be posting videos of our debate series, which kicks off with a consideration of the renewed contention over the federal government’s role in healthcare.  “Trump won. What happens to healthcare now?”

October/November 2016 Issue 1

Proposition 64 Gives Democrats Yet Another Product to Tax.  Jakob Mandsager

Is Trump Truly Racist?  Kelly Sunseri Adams

Obama’s Legacy for African Americans.  Antwane Young

Where Did Student Debt Originate and Where Do We Go From Here?  Melissa Martinez

Welcome to San Diego:  Pay us more for staying here.  Kwok Wai Hanson

Washington State Environmentalists Debate Whether to Ditch Half Measures and Vote No on Statewide Carbon Tax.  Ben Porter

Being a Bystander in this Election Couldn’t Be Harder: perspectives from Americans who can’t vote.  Luis Fernando Anguiano

What is Advertising Doing to Presidential Debates?  Kwok Wai Hanson

Hillary Clinton: Does the Woman Card Help or Hurt?  Kaveena Jamnadas

We Should Know Better. Oh Wait, We Do! A historical lesson against mass deportation.  Jakob Mandsager

“‘P’ word is Policy, Stupid.”  Letter to the Editor of the Washington Times.  Benjamin Porter

“Who the Hell Pays the Bill?”  Trump and the Rhetoric of Doubt.  Jeffrey Neil Weiner

Watsonville’s Liberal Take on the 2016 Presidential Election.  Mirna Fonseca

Who is Voting to Legalize Marijuana in Davis?  Daniel Tekle

Are Muslims the New Catholics?  Aya Melhem




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