Is Trump Truly Racist?

by Kelly Sunseri Adams

Mr. Trump’s brash comments regarding illegal immigrants, Syrian refugees, and women have provoked vehement loathing as well as loyal devotion. While some people are appalled by Mr. Trump’s not-so-politically-correct tweets, others find a sense of security in his willingness to address controversial issues that most politicians avoid.

Mr. Trump’s support from the black community is the highest a Republican nominee has had in recent history. And while the majority of Latinos oppose Mr. Trump, there are a number who voted for him.  The percentage of Latinos who went with Donald Trump on November 8 was higher than what Mitt Romney received in 2012. Conversely, Mrs. Clinton received a smaller proportion than did Mr. Obama in 2008 and 2012.

The large disparity between on the one hand, the negative opinion of pundits and voters offended by him, and, and the other, voters from ethnic minorities who turned out in relatively large numbers, further complicates the question, is Mr. Trump really a racist?

Irene Castle (63), a bank-teller from Rocklin, California thinks Mr. Trump is misunderstood. She, like many others, believes that the media is biased against Mr. Trump, “The media likes to twist his words and sort of demonize him. Rather than focusing on his actual message, they go out of their way to paint him as a monster.”

Alfred Haindl (54), a radiology technician from Santa Cruz, California makes a good case for Mr. Trump’s comments about Mexican illegal immigrants. “Facts are not racist,” he says. “Mr. Trump was simply stating a fact; there are plenty of cases where illegal immigrants are involved in heinous crimes, murders and rapes that could have been prevented had our borders been properly controlled.” Mr. Haindl describes the persecution an Arizona police chief faced from the Obama administration for turning over illegal immigrants involved in crimes to be deported, rather than just throwing them in jail. “Obama has done more to harm our country than any other president. He will go down in history as the worst president of the United States of America.”

In an article published on 9/12/2016 ( Mary Anne Mendoza told a Fox reporter, “My son was killed by an illegal criminal, but I really feel like he was the victim of a political crime also because our politicians who are continually standing in the way of any and all legislation to secure our borders are guilty of allowing these crimes to continue against innocent American families.”

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there are still plenty of people who believe Mr. Trump is a reprehensible racist. Diane Sunseri (59) of Santa Cruz says, “Trump is a disgusting human being. I would never vote for him. He’s a misogynist and a racist.”

While I can’t provide any evidence other than personal opinion, people whom I interviewed with a similar set of beliefs seemed to be motivated more by emotion than statistics or facts. When asked to give specific examples of Trump being a racist, they would get frustrated and walk away. This leads me to conclude that while Mr. Trump may be insensitive, he clearly is not a racist.

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  1. Fernando Anguiano says:

    As for your claim that 1/3 of Latinos voted for Mr. Trump, you are incorrect. If you see exit poll data, then you would think this is the case when it is not. Exit poll data does not take into account a large amount of voters, like those who voted by mail or voted rather late.

    Here is an article on how many Latinos really voted for Mr. Trump:


  2. Allie Holmes says:

    I don’t think it matters whether Trump is truly a racist. Frankly, I don’t think Trump has beliefs strong enough to be “truly” a racist or not. What does matter, and what is indisputable, is that he has stoked the flames of racism with his campaign, even when talking about policy that doesn’t have to be addressed this way. I am a brown-skinned child of immigrants strongly in support of enforced borders and enforced immigration law. What I can’t support is saying that Mexicans are sending us their rapists, that a Mexican judge can’t be unbiased, and that the “bad hombres” are gonna get us. Similarly, I don’t think that the real problem of radical Islamic terrorism has only two responses: Trump’s ban of all Muslims from the United States, or the left’s “no problem at all here.” Trump has run a racism-fueled campaign, has courted the votes of racists, has emboldened them and empowered them, and even if he were to resign the presidency before he was sworn in, that has been let out of the bottle.


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